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Inspired by our homeland ancient history and legends, where time had no limits, and the colourful future horizons has no boundaries, we started this encyclopedic site Iraqwho.

We have put all these inspirations as our attainable goals to quench the thirst of our souls by amalgamating the immortal legendry epic of Gilgamesh with the hopes of the promising future.


Tourism in Iraq: We shall take you in a very enjoyable tour to northern, southern, central sectors, and a special tour in Baghdad, where you will enjoy the traditional MASGOUF. You will be touring and visiting all religious, historical and natural sites in this tourist country. more detail

   Photo Gallery

A rich photo gallery with about 1000 very rare pictures and photographs. It is been uniquely categorized into 29 categories. If you have a photo which you think others should enjoy seeing, then send it to be added to the gallery. more details

   Cultural Heritage

The concept of  cultural heritage in our time is an open one, reflecting tangible living culture like historical heritage and others, and the intangible heritage, which might be defined as embracing all forms of traditional and popular or folk culture. more details

   History of Iraq

“The cradle of civilization”, means the first agriculture, the domestication of animals, and the transition to sedentary life took place, the creation of scripts and writings, the creation of laws and rights.
You want to go through the past? Then a tour through this civilization that takes you 7000 years back. more detail


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